Monthly Archives: May 2008

The Milgis lions are back!!…

I’ve been walking in the Matthews/Ndoto region since 1989, running camel safaris.. Although we have seen the tracks and have proabably lost 20 camels to lion!!, I have not sighted a male lion since 1990!!..Because they were so shy, insecure, and persecuted.. yesterday we watched for half an hour the finest lion couple frolicking, down […]

one elephant was dragging a leg..

Thanks for every ones comments on the cause of death in my previous post… The only unusual thing we found was that one of the Elephants was dragging a leg.. Every one is suggesting poison, poaching etc… But about 6 years ago we had possibly a similar thing where quite a few young elephants died […]

stolen solar panels leads to 2 dead elephants

What we have discovered in the last 3 days is that it is not very easy to blog from a satellite phone!! which is what I use up at the Milgis, so explaining my disapearance… I am also not so ‘au fait’ with the internet as I have lived most of my life in the […]

Welcome to ‘The Milgis Trust’

This is not a new conservation project, its been going since 2004, but we’ve only just discovered wildlife direct.!!.. 3 years too late, but happy to be here.. This area in northern Kenya┬áis unique, wild, unknown..and exciting.. and what we have managed to achieve since we started is commendable, and mainly due to the Samburu […]