Monthly Archives: June 2008

Elephants and lilies’ foxed’ by nature it seems!!

Every time we see a gathering of Elephants milling around and looking slightly nervous, at the junction of the Laana Nikan and Parsaloi Luggas and then when it gets dark, a big push to the east far down the Milgis Lugga, it usually rains after 1 or 2 days!!..A huge flood ensures, and they have […]

Apologies…and Deaths all round.. whats up?

Firstly I would like to apologise to any one who may have sent comments, unfortunatley I am not able to answer them while I’m using the satphone as each time I go on the internet it costs too much ..Just to keep the blogs going is resonable, but once I start trying to look up […]

over 100 years ago….and a brief history

Arthur Henry Newmann, the hunter, spent abit of time hunting in the Seiya, Parsaloi and Migis Luggas at the end of the 19th century… In fact he camped below Elkanto hill..There was an huge amount of wildlife in this area… Newmann shot an incredible amount, especially Elephant and Rhino..In fact many hunters had good times […]

Giraffes in the Desert!!

This morning we went for a flight to look at an area south/east of Mt Kulal.. We had been told that there were giraffe in this incredibly dry area… and YES there are… We could not believe our eyes… We saw two groups of 9 and 7 in a place called Elbaa Malisiteti ..These giraffe […]

The Milgis Trust has two real goals!

We ‘The Milgis Trust’ will know that we are winning! WHEN (1) We feel it is safe enough to reintroduce the rhino to this part of northern frontier!! [note my previous blog..] WHEN (2) We see the first elephants ‘set foot’ back on the holy mountain of the Samburu.. Mt Nyiru and we’ve achieved our […]

Does a Striped Hyena make a sound like a camel in distress?

On the 26th may 8 pm, every one at the Milgis Trust base was treated to a very unusual noise… It sounded like a camel in distress… So much so that the samburu warriors rushed down into the bush below the hill to find the camel, they thought it was being killed by one of […]