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Albino Dikdiks and Baboons!! etc…

What is up in the north?.. or is it every where!!!.. In the last few weeks the scouts have reported seeing 2 white baboon, and then a squirrel, then several reports of white dikdiks and now a superb starling,, and a drongo with a white head! Is it the water, the vegetation or the weather […]

A messge from the parstoral communities..

There is a lot of talk on the importance of education in the developing world… Many poor communities get these messages and try to believe in them. The people talking about the importance of education however do not assist the communities in finding sources of funds to pay for teachers. Pre schools have mushroomed in […]

Visiting the site where the dead elephant lies…

[email protected] other day I went to ‘ pay my respect’s ‘ to one of the elephants that had died in the beginning of may… It was fabulous and touching to see that every single elephant that had passed through had stopped and spent a bit of time there… The normal trails up or down the […]

‘Ngoroko’…. Turkana raiders attack 20 kms west of base….

The tribal fighting is really hotting up..15th july…9 dead… 5 wounded.. [including one of our scouts, luckily not serious]… over 200 cows taken.. The Turkana V Samburu.. Big battle was fought 20 kms west of our base where the Suiyan Lugga meets the Parsaloi!!.. Full moon ..a good time to plan this as they can […]

Water to residents of Latakwens’ door step!!

To continue the story from yesterday… The Milgis Trust was approached by Illumine partners from America, to find out if there was a need for clean water in any of the areas we work… Our reaction was EVERY WHERE!!,, But for five years now we have been trying to sort Latakwens water problems out!! At […]

trials and tribulations of community work…

Some times one wonders!! when you try to do good, misunderstandings get blown out of proportion… and the next thing is you are nearly ‘out on your bicycle’!! Latakwen is a little town about 10 kms north of The Milgis Trust Base… Our Neibours and friends for the last 9 years!!…. Yesterday we went to […]

Just a thought…”The night sky is full of unanswered questions!!”…

On the 1st July, while up in the Milgis, I mentioned in my blog that one of the Samburu warriors had said ‘What were the Elephants thinking! How could it rain, Venus hasn’t come back yet!!’ While checking that my blog had actually gone on to the internet, I saw the title “The night sky […]

‘Lesanju’ the matriarch at 21 months old…

In October 2006 a little one month old Elephant fell down an 18 foot well, in the lower Milgis… She was found the next morning by the owner of the well, holding her head above the water level, trying to save her ‘little’ life!!..[The story is on our web site Milgis Trust under news 2006… […]

Elephants coming back up the lugga!! and Milgis scouts meeting..

Every Two to three months we have a scouts meeting here at the Milgis base.. This means collectively the 22 Milgis scouts walk roughly 2000 kms to get here and back… The furtherest 3 coming from Ol Doinyo Mara to the North, Ilaut to the north East and Engelai in the Matthews range.. They arrived […]