Monthly Archives: August 2008

‘Nature’ does it again!!

On the 10 of August I wrote about how amazing nature was at saving the situation when all seems lost!! THANKS to Nature!! Then on the 18 August, I told you how the people had decided to risk moving back to where the attacks had happened the month before… Better than letting the stock die […]

The drought is beginning to bite now…

And over grazing is not helping the situation..The worst problem is the damage that the hooves of the animals do when they are busy ‘overgrazing’!! We only hope that the first rain is not too heavy, as the erosion is going to be desperate, especially after what we saw on our walk up the Lowa […]

Its a beautiful morning in the Milgis!!

The other name for the Milgis Lugga is ‘Elgerei’… a hot windy place… but this morning its lovely and calm… If I could describe 50 % of how I feel, or what I see this morning… I’m doing well… I am on a 600 foot hill, called ‘Elkanto’ [ Wild frontiers, and Milgis Trust base […]

Elephants nearly in our tent!!

Just back from a six day camel safari in the Matthews Range… Our first and 5th nights being able to reap the good things that the Milgis Trust has set out to do..promoting co-existence between people, there livestock and wildlife… The first night sleeping out on the Laana Nikan Lugga… There is no way one […]

sorry, NO PICTURES again…

Yesterdays Blog had two pictures of our findings, 3 and a half months after the two Elephants died… But for some reason the pictures are not going on…I will be in Nairobi at the end of the month so will find out what the problem is… I’ve got so many fabulous pictures to share with […]

Samburu peoples’ respect for Elephants…

About a month ago, there was rain up in the southern part of the Kirisia hills, which brought the Laana Nikan Lugga [Seiya] in flood. The carcass of the Elephant that died in the beginning of may in the lugga was swept down stream about a kilometre or so.. I left it for two weeks […]

THANKS to Nature!!

Hi every one… I’m back from my safari to Ngurnit!! Beautiful as usual… and even for me exciting!! [ I say this because I’ve been doing walking safaris in northern kenya for 25 years now… Each day I love it more, and learn more!].. I never managed to get to see the Wild dog den […]