Monthly Archives: October 2008

Another danger lurking in those ‘famous’ sandy Luggas!!…

This morning I could see Mount Kenya from the Milgis, Crystal clear,110 nautical miles away!!. What a pleasure..Its a good sign, it means the rains are still around even though there is a lull at the moment… Quite lucky for me as yesterday one of my camels sunk into the sand in the Parsaloi Lugga, […]

Exciting news…Finally we have the funds to build a nursary school in Latakwen

The two pictures below were taken in April 06, [I hope they show up] and we’ve been looking for the funds to do something about the Latakwen Nursery school since then!! Last week we got the news that we now have the money to build them a decent, colourful nursery school…TOTO TRUST UK…Thank you very […]

Parsalo’s’ death…How am I going to tell Lentokunye… ‘The Elephant’

After the rescue of Lesanju in October 2006 and the terrible things that the Samburu children did to her ears, ‘The Milgis Trust’ decided to name each scout after an animal… so that they could learn all about their respective animal, and then on their travels throughout, while on patrol, to teach every one that […]


At long last the news we have been waiting for, for too long… Thunder, lightning, driving rain, AND luggas in full flood.!!!.. Milgis Lugga when its dry…Flat, wide,windy, sandy highway Milgis in Full Flood.. Raging torrent of muddy water.. impossible to cross!!

Shikar Safari Club International’s ‘return’ to the Milgis Area…

Chuck Lathrop, from the U.S. came back to the Milgis in Febuary 07, this time not to hunt, but to go on a camel safari, and to remember those fun days back in the 60s.. He immediately noticed what had changed, and picked up on what The Milgis Trust was trying to do… He was […]

Grevy Zebra killings…Tell readers how they can help…

Comment from Maina.. wildlife direct.. ‘I am very alarmed about the Grevy Zebra poaching. What can be done? How can the rest of the world help? It is quite scary given how rare this equine is. We really have to act fast. Tell readers how they can help’. Maina, How can the rest of the […]

WOW.. I thought nobody was listening!!

But today I feel much better…40 comments have come winging in, on Blogs that I wrote back in June to yesterdays… I am delighted that somebody… LOTS OF YOU are listening… The encouragement is brilliant… Thank you ALL of you and all the people in the wildlife Direct office for helping me out…The support from […]

Elephant doing fine..and general news….

Just to let you all know that the elephant that was dragged out of the waterhole [ Blog 6.10.08 ] has been seen twice since by Lesambaua..It is back with his herd and relaxed… The news this morning is wonderful.. The whole region has had a good dowsing of rain… This is such a relief […]

self extermination/anialation/destruction.. What ever you want to call it!!

I just keep seeing it over and over again.. All I know is that I can’t help but keep thinking that ‘How can people with such pure good tribal beliefs and rules, possibly let them selves get into such an extraordinary problem’… Can’t they see for them selves what the over grazing situation is doing […]

The grave situation for the Grevey’s in Baragoi area…

Only 20 years ago when we used to commute between Baragoi and the Milgis across the Elbarta plains, I remember seeing lots of herds of Grevey Zebra… As children we didn’t even know how rare they were… Every time you drove to Turkana they seemed common. They were all over the place….. It was only […]