Monthly Archives: November 2008

The new head teacher at Latakwen comes up with a good one!!!

We were in Latakwen centre two days ago and the water project is going very well… Its a wonderful atmosphere, every one and his wife, from the old Granny’s and grampas, down to the sweet little children are helping to dig the trenches for the pipes, and to cover them.. Its alot of fun…Even the […]

guess what!!… Its raining again…

If you haven’t read my last blog you won’t know why the title is what it is!… But this morning I woke up hoping ‘the star’ was going to be in the sky… But there was abit of cloud and also the Matthews range is quite high so maybe its up but not showing to […]

The Vultures ruffling their feathers!…

An extraordinary sound to wake up to yesterday morning towards the east… A rumbling in the distance.. I asked a Samburu what it could possibly be? He Said .. yes he heard it and confirmed that it was the Vultures on Moile Rock “shaking their wings”.. Moile rock is probably about 100kms away towards the […]

So much going on I can’t keep up!!

As I’ve said before… Nomadic communities, to put up with living with wildlife has it trials and tribulations… There are numerous reports from the scouts of predators of all kinds killing the peoples goats, cows, and camels… Elephants break their wells, that have taken them hours to dig, they tear down trees, when we are […]

Beautiful old series two Land Rover given to the Milgis Trust… Thankyou

Every things happening up in the Milgis this month!! Usually a quiet sort of place…except when the wind blows!… 2 weeks ago, ‘The Landrover’ left for the Milgis Lugga, from our workshops at Naro Moru… We were very kindly given this series 2 landrover by Marika Beckman, who came on a camel safari in March..She […]

Milgis Lugga in flood….pictures!! I hope

We feel that this project will help the future of wildlife in arid areas???

A REQUEST FOR FINANCIAL SUPPORT FOR A WILDLIFE WATER DEVELOPMENT PROJECT…. Project description Following efforts from the scouts and the entire community within the Milgis ecosystem, we have observed a significant and rapid change in the behaviour and distribution of wildlife populations over the last few years. Overall, both wildlife and local communities appear to […]

The wrath of the SEIYA Lugga!…

When these big luggas come down in flood, the only way to describe it, is its like a Tsunami, ‘a wall of water’ but at least its got a river bed to follow… BUT it is very exciting to watch…In places these luggas are almost a kilometer wide, imagine the amount of water coming down… […]

Heres a harrowing story… Not for the faint hearted though…

Its a lovely thought, that here we are out here in the heart of Samburuland, the Americans have just voted in these historic elections, if you turn on the radio, its the topic to talk about…In fact I’m sure every ones talking about it… And yet these guys are quietly getting on with their lives, […]

Fire issues…Senior warden pledges help… Finally!!

On the 30th October… During the scouts meeting we noticed a contingency of elders arriving at the hill, with a purpose in there stride… It looked serious!! And it was…They wanted to fine our scouts for trying to stop the burning of the forests!! for ‘doing their job’… Some months ago one of them had […]