Monthly Archives: January 2009

The cheetah cub is dead…. TOO SAD…

Its shocking news to all of us and I’m afraid I am having a hard time telling you all, this bit of news, because it was the happiest young animal, and his beautiful little life was cut short by a snake…. We never left him alone, there was somebody always with it… He/she, we never […]

The rain was disappointing… But good news on the horizon!!

Unfortunately the rain last week was very disappointing…After that incredible show of dust from the desert….. There was light rain for a couple of days in the mountains… Slightly more in the Ndoto’s which was good news as they needed it more, and there was a fire up on the slopes so hopefully that was […]

Dog killed, just because it was hungry…Any vets interrested in helping us out in their spare time!!.. Good experience…

Its a difficult one when you tell the nomadic people… Do not kill the predators…. For them, if there was no predators life would be so much simpler!!… They could just send the goats/cows off and round them up when they are ready! They would not need to make such good bomas [thorn fences] around […]

A thin coat of dust from the Kaisut desert brings hope!

Yesterday evening was quite exciting…A wild evening!! Not so typical of Elgerei, the Samburu name for the Milgis Lugga, a place full of dramatic surprises. At about 5.30 pm looking to wards the east there seemed to be a very strange brown look to the sky, and soon it became clear it was a very […]

‘NO’ water is the talk of the last scouts meeting…

Yes and its something that we noticed on our last few safaris… The various projects in the area, to bring water out of the mountains is my biggest concern… Not because it causes mini deserts so much, but the fact that every time the water in the mountain rivers doesn’t get to where the beginning […]

The Cheetah cub is ‘fighting fit’!!

All the very best to you all for the new year!… I do apologise for disappearing off the face of the earth… We have been busy over Christmas and new year with camel safaris, and the computer battery went flat after a couple of days!, and I forgot to take the charging lead..Oh well it […]