Monthly Archives: February 2009

Traditional Samburu conservation methods is Milgis’ way forward…

Uh oh, Luca you are going to be busy!!…You cut these trees down in Samburuland, now you have to pay back the traditional way! Its one goat per tree and and a cleansing ceremony, in which … you need to slaughter the goat/sheep, mix the stomach contents, with the fat and pour the contents round […]

This is 5Y FXB… we have 3 souls on board and an Elephant!

As we flew in my Cessna 182 [ small four seater aircraft] into Wilson airport, in Nairobi, this was what I told the tower as I requested landing permission, and that I wanted to come strait in!! The lady in the tower thought she had heard wrong, but eventually when she realised, was very helpful […]

Erosion… Extremely serious and getting worse each year…

Just what are we going to do about it… It is very frightening…. Every time I fly up to the North over the plains west of the Matthews this is what I see. I keep taking more pictures as it just seems to look worse each time… But how can we stop it???… Tell people […]

A few notes on Elephants..

First I have to clear every ones worries of the wounded elephant, reported 22 January… It seems that it was a ‘game’, to try and get help from somebody because this cow had been killed…Possibly they were looking for compensation… When the news first came through, we got a message that a cow had been […]