Monthly Archives: March 2009

Hard times for the wildlife… So dry..

Just wish we had our dam project up and running, but thank goodness this morning there are exciting clouds billowing over the Matthews Range.. Finally we REALLY hope for rain throughout.. All I am getting news of, is wild animals desperately in need of water… Just to mention a few of the problems…. Two young […]

Who are these people who are taking hunting dogs…

For many years I have been told of people looking for hunting/wild dog, puppies, or dogs… The day I went with one of the scouts to look for the hunting dog den with ‘our cheetah’, Lesuuda, he mentioned that a few years ago he had been offered money to find puppies…. I have never managed […]

Ndoto’s…These breathtakingly impressive mountains!!

While we are on the subject off the Ndoto Mountains as per my last Blog, just wanted to put a few pictures for you to appreciated these beautiful mountains…. A mountain of sheer cliffs, and huge massifs of granite rock, full of wildlife, and beautiful forests and rare plants… So few people have been to […]

Dangers of mountain forest fires.. Klipspringer is caught out…

Ndoto mountains… You can imagine the scenario… The peaks are around 8000 feet, and with in a very short distance, a few kilometres, the surrounding country is about 3000 feet, they are incredibly steep, very dramatic mountains, you can walk along the ridge from north to south, over the two main peaks, Allimission, and Upe, […]

A beautiful mural… a painter of note!!…weldone Nderitu

Very exciting news the painter, ‘Nderitu’ that we took on to paint pictures of Animals, trees, scenery, anything he can think of that relates to the work of the Milgis Trust, is BRILLIANT… We are so excited!! He started on the wall of the new nursery school that the TOTO TRUST UK have very kindly […]

Milgis Trust scouts meeting.. big issues Sandalwood and poaching of Elephants…..

Anna, Thank you, Thankyou for your kind donation… So appreciated.. And sorry to have disappeared.. I temporarily lost my head, and left my computer, after I was given the news that our little kudu had died… His mother had been killed by hunting dogs, and he arrived very dehydrated, and had a sore stomach, which […]