Monthly Archives: April 2009

Despite huge efforts to avoid it… Another young Elephant falls down a well….

Yes I’m afraid so…Despite having all the scouts that live any where near the luggas, heading down to open up wells for the wildlife every day, we have a new well victim…. Here with the story written by Moses Lesoloyia, Milgis Trust manager.. unfortunately do not have any pictures of the incident, so heres a […]

Stellas bedroom!!!!

Sorry every one… The most important photo on Stellas Blog, is the picture of her bedroom at Elkanto, but it did not go on… So I’m trying again… If it hasn’t come up, I’ll try to describe it for you… Imagine a 360 degrees view from your bed… Remember you are on a hill, 600 […]

From Concrete to Kenya… By Stella

I had been working in one of London’s top advertising agencies until something ‘clicked’ and I realised my skills, abilities and passion for life were being squandered on an unworthy cause…I wanted to go to Africa and work in conservation, there was no doubt about it, but the question was how and where? So I […]

continuation of 26 th March celebrations in pictures! Toto Trusts day… Thankyou!

I just wanted to show you to what lengths the headmaster of Latakwen primary school took to show their appreciation of having water piped to his school, and for the New Nursery building… As I said before the people of Latakwen ‘pulled out all stops’ to celebrate, and these children, where no exception…. Below is […]

Latakwen community enthusiastically recieves’ their’ water and new Nursery school!

‘Little’ Latakwen centre/town, in the middle of nowhere in dry Samburuland, pulled out all stops to take over ‘their’ water, and their nursery school!!… What a party! The Latakwen drinking water project, and the New Nursery school handing over ceremony WAS FANTASTIC!! In fact unbelievable… The enthusiasm was just great… I think the leaders of […]

Frenzy of fires wakes up the leaders of Matthews/Ndotos region…

I gather the fires burning in Kenya one week ago became world news… I have never seen any thing like it… We heard on the news that the Mau forest, and Mt Longonot, where burning and we witnessed the terrible fires on Mt Kenya… Too awful, and then I fly up to the Milgis and […]