Monthly Archives: May 2009

Trying again to up load the picture of every one in the office!

In all those 100s and 1000s of acres of land, why does this spot get a signal!.. A busy moment in the office… Sending an email from miles away from no where! Or trying as my last blog tells you!

A day in the office!!.. At least theres no traffic jams!

Now you know why the blogging can be a touch sporadic!!… We left Elkanto at 5.30 am, for our jaunt up this hill, armed with mobile phones, and computers to climb 1600 feet higher than the surrounding area to get a signal… Its over1000 feet higher than Elkanto!! We went to see if we could […]

Maybe now is the time to talk ” QUALITY RATHER THAN QUANTITY “

As I watch a herd of cattle crossing the lugga below us, with over half of the participants hardly able to put one foot in front of the other, and they still have miles to go, as the owners have decided to cut and run to try to save their ‘ love of their life […]

14 th may… Radio bubbling with news…

It started at 6 am with the scouts down at Kudup, [please see my last blog] having had an eventful night, but no sign of the youngsters mother, nor of any herds…sadly, but the lugga came down in a massive flood in the night, so luckily the baby was safe and not still in the […]

3 one year old Elephants dead, and one stuck in a well…

13 may 2009….Sadly another bad day for elephants, although last night I am extremely pleased to tell you that it poured with rain……EVERY WHERE!!!… .. As the day dawned, beautiful colours, spirits were high, and every one was excited, as the rain was good rain, it had rained all night… but on the radio this […]

Elders are waking up!…They are the ones with the power…

After the week of fires, around the 25th March, The Milgis Trust, some of the chiefs and the councillor from Latakwen called a meeting of elders to try to understand what was in the mind of these burners and why… One month later, and BY THE WAY NOT A SINGLE FIRE SINCE!… we called the […]

Don’t dare breath just in case it chases the clouds away!

Yes I have not been blogging lately, as if I use too much energy writing I will chase off those clouds…[ not a good excuse but feasible?? also I have been away!] and one just keeps on thinking it will rain and then we can talk about good news rather than bad… But no…. not […]