Monthly Archives: September 2009

Big thank you to all, .. not sure who to thank for the fruit!!!

Yes we have had the most wonderful crop of fruit along the luggas, the Salvadora Persica, against all odds is fruiting furiously.. Another of natures amazing rescue packets just when things looked really bad… As you walk through the Salvadora, the bird song is deafening, the baboons are all talking, Every one is eating Salvadora […]

To solve some of the major problems emerging Milgis Trust unveils our new vet proposal…

Milgis Trust Vet Unit, northern Kenya In a place as remote as the Ndoto Mountains and Matthews Range of northern Kenya where do the people turn when their animal is in trouble? Our conservation veterinary unit will not only offer desperately needed veterinary services to the livestock of the incredibly remote Samburu, Rendille and Turkana […]

Droughts are sent to test our durability…and sort out the inbalances… are they not??

Paula, thank you for putting my last blog on!… Weldone you!…You are right!.. After our disappointment of not getting the money, after weeks of work!, for a Rabies programme, and then the proposal was declined.! !..Because this dog is starving and thirsty, people tend to think it has rabies, so will throw stones at it… […]

Drought is killing us in Northern Kenya

¬†We are trying to raise funds for a very important project Vaccinating and ensuring the health of just one domestic dog in northern Kenya can help save a family from rabies, help protect their livestock from predators and in doing so prevent the predators from being hunted and killed. Our aim to run a sustainable […]