Monthly Archives: October 2009

YES, A Striped Hyena does make a noise like a camel in distress!!

When I first started bloging a year and a half ago, I asked this question….. does a striped hyena, make a noise like a camel in distress? but never got an answer!? Not much known about these beautiful/extraordinary animals? or maybe my blog is not reaching out to the right people?. Is what I have […]

Capture the Milgis… we need your help.

With your support the Milgis Trust would love to own night camera traps to capture the nocturnal activities of the wildlife within the busy Milgis ecosystem. Each and every morning the Milgis team identifies countless tracks and spoors of highly timid creatures of the night such as the Lion, Aardvark, African Wild Cat, Porcupine, Civet, […]

floods glorious floods!! From Dust to mud!!

Its an extraordinary phenomena.. the transition from drought to floods, soon after I wrote my last blog about the clouds disappearing into thin air!!, they were busy building up out there in the desert!, it poured again with rain in the Karisias, Matthews, and Ndoto Mountains, and every where between, and the massive kilometre wide […]

the rain vanished into thin air!

Unbelievable!!… One day it was cloudy all over and raining , next day.. 11 October, not a cloud in the sky, for as far as the eye can see, but it is very very clear, which is a good sign, so we think that it will be back just after the new moon… We quite […]

Every Samburu, and Elephant has a smile on their face today!!!

YES, IT POURED WITH RAIN YESTERDAY!!!!!…Every where within the Milgis Ecosystem….. Relief… RELief….. RELIEF!!!! All the Luggas have come down in full flood … Every one has a smile on their face!… PHEW.. is all I can say, at this stage… The pressure that was building higher and higher is OFF… In a flash.. I […]

peacefull, and patient scenes for the BBC…

I have been told several times by people who used to come to the Milgis Lugga, in the old days , that in their opinion the place is finished… meaning there is no hope for the place… The wild life has been shot out, the place is over grazed… Well I don’t think the BBC […]