Monthly Archives: November 2009

The advantages of having Elephants around!!!

Anna, thanks for your comment, on my last blog, and while we are on the subject, of ‘ the good things that Elephants bring to our world!!’… I could rant and rave for hours on these fascinating animals!!…. They entertain visitors who come to watch wildlife for hows, theres never a dull moment.. Imagine the […]

positive twist for the Elephants survival!!

Its a sad thing, but what I hear more and more often in my life, is if you can’t make money out of wildlife its ‘no good to anybody’… This is a sign of the times thats for sure in my opinion…. If the animal can not pay for itself, its doomed…. SHAME ON HUMANS.. […]

Is this recent drought a turning point in the way people are thinking??

Hi every one, sorry to have disappeared! Just back from a beautiful camel safari through the green hills of the Northern Frontier District!!… Its beautiful up there, we’ve had to cross flooded luggas, and slip and slide through mud, and best of all just watch the grass grow, and watching all the animals gain strength, […]