Monthly Archives: December 2009

The end of another year in the Milgis

A CHRISTMAS LETTER A YEAR IN THE MILGIS To all the Milgis Trust’s supporters we say ashe oleng, thank you so much for being there through a difficult year in northern Kenya.  It has without doubt been a year of hardship and suffering for both the tribes and the wildlife of the Milgis Ecosystem; 2009 […]

These disturbing primative drawings keep us on our toes…

As I was wondering down a dry river bed, (a lugga) the other day, I came across these interesting pictures, drawn on a rock… They are probably drawn by warriors, who would have used the the shade of the rocks, for a midday resting place, and traditionally they rub their finger into the red ochre […]

There Aren’t Many Paradises Left, Lets Not Loose This One!

Let me take you back into the Matthews Range in the Northern Frontier District of Kenya… We are on a ‘safari’, that means we are on a journey, walking with camels carrying our camping equipment, and food…. We are crossing the Matthews, and on the way the plan was to conquer Matthews peak, the impressive […]

A safari through magical Matthews Range, then came the rain!!

The Matthews Range… Or as the Samburu call it ‘ Ol Donyo Lenkiyio ‘ … ‘ the dewlap of a cow’, another of the Samburus Sacred mountain ranges, in fact they say if they lose them, then its the end of the Samburu tribe, is another of those beautiful Islands in the Desert in the […]