Monthly Archives: June 2010

Ndoto Mountains and the people of isolated Suruan have a smart Nursary school now!..

Thanks to the TOTO trust UK, for raising the money.. A colourful ceremony was held in may, to open the Nursary school..People came from far and wide… The Women from Ora, climbed the mountain in all their finery for the occasion! When this very isolated group of Samburu people on Suruan came to us to […]

Elephants dare to climb Mt Nyiru…

Mt Nyiru from the south… Around 40 years ago a terrible slaughter of Elephants, and other wildlife took place on Mt Nyiru, the massive mountain to the South East of Lake Turkana,, where the Samburu say god ( Ngai ) lives… The Elephants were poached until there were none left… Some escaped, but many, many […]