Vibes from ‘Catman’ saved this cheetahs life!

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Hello Every one… I have been in the bush up north for the last month or so, on safari and general Milgis Trust work… So much is going on, its hard to get to the computer!… But its all very positive…I have lots of news, but will start off with our new affiliation with National Wildlife Humane Society… or Catman who is a man who loves Cats, big ones and will stop at nothing to help them!!… He wrote to me out of the Blue, and ‘A’ for away!! He has already done much to raise awareness and money for us!..

August 2010 174.jpg And no doubt about it that his hard working positive vibes saved this little cheetahs life… Thank you to you Patrick and to every one who has been so generous already… greatly greatly appreciated, and thanks so much…!??


Turkana 07 044.jpg looking from Ol Donyo Mara, towards the east Ndotos..

Turkana 07 042.jpg Aarge lugga

She was found up in the semi desert area to the East of the Ol Donyo Mara mountains, by a herder out with his goats, who heard her calling for her mother… He followed the sound, [cheetah young make a very loud kind of squeak, when they are lost, and the mothers can hear them from a long way off.. ] But she walked away, but not far from him, and he could see she may be in trouble… The next day he took his goats past the same place to find her still there and looking less strong, but she moved away again, so he checked all round to see if there were any signs of her mothers tracks… Nothing.. He went home that day worried, and sent a message to our scout in the area, and the next day, they headed back early to find her on the brink of collapse… Covered in thousands of camel/lion flies, and not able to run away… . They picked her up, She had almost lost all her fur, and she was very very weak, and frightened, but they gave her water…and slaughtered a goat… and made a special place for her to recover… The scout went off to where he knew he could get reception with our base radio, to let us know.. Just a few kilometres like 20!!

Two goats later, and ‘Aarge’, named after the beautiful lugga that flows out of the east side of these lovely mountains, was making a incredible recovery.. They killed all the flies, one by one, and her fur started growing back, and Moses Lesoloyia, our manager went to collect her in the land rover…She is now at Elkanto and making a wonderful recovery…

August 2010 170.jpg

Kosma, has been incredible with Aarge, he sleeps with her, and spends hours playing with her… He deserves all the credit for bringing her out of her very frightened shell..

.August 2010 176.jpg

August 2010 213.jpg Aarge and this little puppy ‘Eldome’ became good friends through the wire, but he was too small still, she was too rough on him!! But we will find her a friend!..

We are delighted to tell you, that she has recovered fully from her ordeal, and is responding to her new life with the warriors at Elkanto beautifully… We hope this week that she can be let out of her cage, and will be free on the hill…

The man who saved this little Cheetahs life has been given a part time job with the Milgis Trust, as only a few years ago he would never have saved a Cheetahs life, he may have even killed it or left it to die.. Why because Cheetahs kill many of there goats and sheep, which is their only wealth, its like somebody breaking into your bank savings every week… With our constant campaigning throughout our area, on the value and importance of the wildlife, he was happy to save her… We are absolutely delighted…

What is the future for this beautiful Cheetah female?? We will see… She is still young, and has a long life ahead, and she loves Kosma, for the moment… We want the best for her, the Samburu don’t want her to go any where else!.. She could be an ambassador for the Milgis, and for the survival of the cheetahs, sometimes if you meet the ‘enemy’ at face, they don’t seem so bad!, but if she kills a goat they may think differently.. We will weigh the pros and cons, and possibly the best plan is to release her on a wildlife ranch… Of course not being brought up by her mother she will not know the dangers of the Lions, Hyenas etc…

Well wishers for Aarge’s up keep, are very welcome.. please!

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  1. Pirjo
    Posted September 7, 2010 at 6:45 am | Permalink

    Hi Helen, I’ve been “anxiously” looking forward to hear news from the field and had tears in my eyes when I started reading this blog entry. What can I say, but that I have to get to see that remote part of Kenya one day..
    I suppose this lovely small cheetah will never be able to live it’s life totally free, because she’s already imprinted to humans and could be in trouble if left to roam around. Just like you said the solution could be a fenced conservation area?
    Is Goose still around or has he left to continue life in the wild?
    It’s so great that Patrick’s organisation is helping Milgis Trust to collect donations. I’ll also try to help whenever I can.

  2. Pirjo
    Posted September 7, 2010 at 6:50 am | Permalink

    Just one more thing that I wanted to add to my earlier comment. It’s so great that you are able to help the herder who saved this little cheetah and gave her food. After I visited the Laikipia area last year during the bad drought it totally opened my eyes to what the local people have to endure and how hard their lives are. It’s so easy to judge when you are enjoying the western modern society’s comforts..

  3. Katherine Herzog, USA
    Posted September 8, 2010 at 7:11 pm | Permalink

    Simon King rehabilitated a tiny male cheetah cub several years ago which is now living a solitary life in a secure 1,700-acre haven within Ol Pejeta Conservancy. He lives a self-sufficient life-hunting impala and tommies.
    Efforts are still underway to find him a mate and for OP to establish a cheetah breeding program in the future.
    A huge “THANK YOU” to the herder hero who found and rescued this precious little bundle.

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