Monthly Archives: November 2010

Toyota landcruiser is on the Milgis wish list!.. but don’t run away?? PLSE read on….

This fabulous bull died in July 09.. REASON.. conflict over water in the drought.. He was shot at, and died many days later from his wounds.. Tooooo sad.. This picture is here to show you the size of the one that died in Seren.. Killed by poachers.. Its a sad time for us.. We have […]

‘Milgis’ projects gaining momentum.. First WATER!

1) Water Harvesting projects… a) Thanks to our friends in Portugal!! Every year our scouts report many wildlife deaths because of lack of water.. In the lower Milgis several Grevy Zebra died trying to get to water this year… It is absolutely paramount that we deal with this problem, and not ignore it….. Its not […]

‘ Aarge’ what a special animal she is…

When our Milgis team headed off to collect Aarge, please see my blog, in August, they wondered if she would survive until they got to the Milgis…[These pictures have just got to me, but were taken on the 16th August.. ] She was incredibly weak and in quite a sorrowful sight, But according to the […]