Monthly Archives: April 2011

‘EYE’ for conservation.. and Art Auction..

TO WIN IN CONSERVATION YOU NEED THE PEOPLE ‘ON THE SAME BOAT’!!… There are many people with severe eye problems in these areas.. Registering the patients.. We are going to be busy the first week of may!.. The little tiny centre of Latakwen will be bustling for 1 week!.. One of our Milgis partners is […]

Million thanks to all, & good news!

First and foremost, all of us in the Milgis, and that includes the ‘wildlife’ say THANKYOU very very much for keeping up with whats going on and helping us out generously to achieve our mandate…Which is ‘ The Milgis Trust aims to conserve the Wildlife, their Habitat and the Peoples way of life, in the […]

What a wonderful show of GRATITUDE!

YES .. and this THANKS is to VOSS FOUNDATION… from every one who lives at Ndonyo Nasipa!!.. This below is a very special occasion for the Samburu people.. THANK YOU FOR DRINKING WATER… 100s and 100s of Samburu women, dressed in FULL celebration gear, came from far and wide to witness this special day.. This […]