Monthly Archives: May 2011

A real reason to SMILE!! THREE actually!!

THE FIRST REASON IS THESE TWO CAN SEE AGAIN, AND THE SECOND IS SOME OF OUR NEW PAN DAMS HAVE WATER IN THEM!!!!! THIRD ‘ JUST AROUND THE CORNER ‘ ART AUCTION was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! This brother and sister, had never seen each other before!! WHY?? Because they were born blind!!.. With the wonderful LIONS […]

‘The ivory is theirs’

PLEASE HELP US KEEP OUR ELEPHANTS SAFE….. THANK YOU DAVID SHEPHERD FOR THE DONATION OF THE PRINT OF YOUR BEAUTIFUL PAINTING CALLED ‘THE IVORY IS THEIRS’.. ( I have not seen it yet, but I gather that it is stunning) What a fitting one for these terrible times of a rise in poaching of the […]