A real reason to SMILE!! THREE actually!!



This brother and sister, had never seen each other before!! WHY?? Because they were born blind!!.. With the wonderful LIONS club Eye team, and MEAKs incredible organisation, and dedication and TROPICAIR‘s Generosity, well over 100 Nomadic people living in the Milgis Ecosystem, are better off than a month ago!! About 140 Cataract and TPR (tracoma complications) operations were performed, but many were bilateral..

THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH TO ALL WHO WERE INVOLVED IN THIS GREAT MISSION… Especially to Beverly for making it possible .. You are amazing..


Beverly who has supported the Milgis in many different ways, was back again to help physically, and financially.. Here is a very very happy person, thanking her, and Daniel Learaman, who found her! He has been out there walking from Manyatta to Manyatta, for 4 months, identifying peoples eye problems, and telling them to come to Latakwen, 1st may 2011!!

DSC00947.JPG Daniel in the field identifying the problem..

DSC07636.JPG Daniel is absolutely thrilled to sit next to this lovely girl, who he has taken alot of trouble to bring to the Mission.. Below she was handed a mirror, and she immediately admired her beads, and adjusted them!..


The vehicles went far and wide to collect patients, and sadly the only rain we have had this year fell during this week!.. Most of it upstream but it still made it incredibly difficult to gather all the waiting patients, from miles around..

DSC00917.JPG Crossing the Milgis Lugga, on the first day, but later it was not possible to cross by car as then a huge flood came down.. Although the rain was a ‘ God send ‘, people who could not see, were stranded very where.. But the drivers worked day and night to try to collect every one.. How could they miss such an incredible thing.. An opportunity to see again, for free!! Free food, and transport…


As usual the MILGIS MESSAGE was spread far and wide, Below, Just before the vehicles left to take each group of people back to theirs homes.. All the scouts and the manager Moses Lesoloyia, would spend half an hour explaining where this help came from, why, and how.. The Milgis was started because of two things that happened.. One there was an enormous destructive fire in the Matthews Forest, and secondly there was a beautiful bull Elephant, shot in the knee, and eventually died of its wounds.. This is what sparked it off, and all these fringe benefits come to people who CARE FOR THE FUTURE OF THIS AREA AND ITS FLORA AND FAUNA!!


DSC01019.JPG Ready to go well armed with good eyes,and a serious message to take home!! ‘ Look after your future’!!

Some places had pretty good rain.. Certainly the big luggas were flooded for a few days… But the rain was very patchy, and some places had none.. But a few of the pan dams I am happy to say have a little water in them.. The people who have been absolutely struggeling for water in Aarge area were the luckiest!! ..

Arge old repaired dam (2).JPG

Arge New dam (4).JPG

I have to tell you that they deserve every drop they got, because they get the prize for not cutting one single tree down for their goats, and sheep, no burning, and have been thoroughly responsible in every way.. We are delighted!! This area to the South East of the Ol Donyo Maras has been very very dry.. I know our friends in Portugal, will be ‘ over the moon ‘ .. Thanks to you both..

LAST But not least.. The ‘ JUST AROUND THE CORNER’ ‘ art Auction has been and Gone, with absolutely unbelievable results… Well done ALL, and THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR BELIEVING AND SUPPORTING VOSS foundation AND MILGIS PROJECTS… LONG LIVE THE MILGIS ECOSYSTEM.. its people, forests and wildlife!

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  1. Pirjo
    Posted May 30, 2011 at 3:02 am | Permalink

    Helen, you really have a way with words.Your blog entries are so inspiring and it really feels like the whole community is committed to protecting their environment. This is grass roots work at it’s best, where both people and wildlife benefit.

    Made a donation today and looking forward to read the news from the field.

    Look after the eles, for they are precious and need all the protection they can get during these troubled times.

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