Monthly Archives: July 2011

prickly liaison.. and clever Raven!

Almost scary!.. Hes in a rush.. As I said before the night cameras are a great addition to our lives.. There is hardly a night that goes by with out catching a porcupine or many.. They are extremely busy out there..And after this little union there will be even more!! And lately people have been […]

Rendille on the move.. Unbelievable sight !!

I’VE NEVER SEEN ANY THING LIKE IT!! We have all been hearing on the news of the drought in North Eastern, and this is what we saw on our last safari!! A MIGRATION OF NOTE! Wave after wave of animals passed us on the Milgis Lugga, heading from East to West.. It was the most […]

13th June 32mm of rain! More than we’ve had in 3 years!….

And look at the change in two weeks in this semi desert land.. On the 13th June the land looked parched, the trees dead, and the animals desperately thin.. There didn’t seem to be a reason to look forward to tomorrow!! Then 14 days later, the grass is greener than green,the trees and bushes have […]