Monthly Archives: September 2011

WOW!! You are all stars!! Thank you..

Well Pete is now ‘ pumped up ‘ and reckons he can walk from Ngurnit and back again, hes so excited, by the response.. He can’t wait to get this walk done now.. THANKS A MILLION every one.. He is absolutely impressed with the support and the generosity.. and we are well on our way […]

Pete’s mega walk in 1 day for the Lions and Elephants..

Pete is 65 years old, Ngurnit is 65 kms away from Elkanto, and Pete hopes to raise 65000 or more!! UK Pounds, dollars, or at the least Kenya Shillings to try to help our Milgis Elephants stay safe and to try to do any thing we can to save the famous Milgis Lions, which are […]