Monthly Archives: October 2011

Going home with a ”spring in their stride!!”… with the Elephants following!!

After many months away from home ‘on the run’ literally, looking for grazing to keep their herds, ( their fortune ) alive, the Rendille and Samburu from the East side of the Ndoto/Matthews and Marsabit are on there way home!… Its a wonderful sight!! A GREAT RELIEF… Camels Thousands and thousands of Livestock animals again […]

The Elephant Whisperer made it !!

NGURNIT TO ELKANTO IN ONE DAY FOR THE MILGIS ELEPHANTS AND LIONS… Well done Pete and Kosma.. AND WHATS MORE THEY WERE GREETED AT THE END OF THEIR LONG WALK BY THREE BEAUTIFUL BULL ELEPHANTS!! Early in the morning, the three ‘ Sangalais ‘ arrived to meet the walkers.. seen here crossing the Parsaloi, to […]

Secret valley, unique eco-system in the Ndoto’s!!

My Brother asked me to take his Son ‘Diggers’, up to the Milgis to learn abit about what the Milgis Trust is all about.. Its called Work Experience!!.. So we decided its time to investigate these ‘ new ‘ ?? Monkeys that the locals are talking about in the Ndotos.. So we set off with […]

Pete, the Elephant whisperer himself!!

LITERALLY ‘ Caught with his pants down ‘ by this Elephant!! Pete on our last safari was quietly sitting on the thunder box on the side of the Elchorro Lugga, and he suddenly heard this Elephants footsteps on the sand, and the sound of the bush rubbing on the Elephants skin!!.. mmmmmmmm he thought, no […]