Monthly Archives: December 2011

”Happy Days” from all of us in Northern Kenya…

Its been an amazing year in the Milgis!.. Drought, Death, Rendille ‘invasions’, Rain, Floods, beautiful flowers, Elephant poaching, Grass and LIFE!!!!!… These are some of my favorite pics from this last year !.. Rain brings Lillie’s! Elephant Shadows! Mountain layers.. South Ndotos.. The only hippo in the Ndoto’s! With a ‘tusker’ on his nose… This […]

No ordinary Parents day!

The theme of this absolutely wonderfull Milgis Primary School parents day!! LONG LIVE OUR CULTURE ‘OUR’ WILDLIFE AND THEIR /’OUR’ HABITAT!!… This is our future… The Milgis Cultural Club, with their Teacher Mike Lesiantaam leading the beautiful dance, called ‘Kichome’.. The words of this song, remind people of the seriousness of getting married.. and what […]

From dust to the land of milk and smiles!!

These days in Northern Kenya you can not walk past a manyatta ( pastoral homestead) with out somebody calling from inside inviting you in for a cup of milk!! They have too much, and its just extraordinary times up here! We have had more rain than any one can remember!… What an extraordinary change from […]