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Interresting question… tradition V schools..

This post was posted by mistake! So I must now finish it! I am not sure how to take it off! I have not been able to post my ‘Milgis News’ blog, for the last ten days so decided to try this one, and it went strait on and its not finished!!

Its an interesting question anyway which I will write about tomorrow..

Interresting question… tradition V schools..

This post was posted by mistake! So I must now finish it! I am not sure how to take it off! I have not been able to post my ‘Milgis News’ blog, for the last ten days so decided to try this one, and it went strait on and its not finished!!

Its an interesting question anyway which I will write about tomorrow..

Interesting question… tradition V schools..

This post was posted by mistake! So I must now finish it! I am not sure how to take it off! I have not been able to post my ‘Milgis News’ blog, for the last ten days so decided to try this one, and it went strait on and its not finished!!

Its an interesting question anyway which I will write about tomorrow..

Interresting question… tradition V schools..

At our last scouts meeting we had the pleasure of welcoming our 5 new scouts… 3 of them are women, 2 men.. one is the person who rescued the cheetah, plus one other who knows the very steep Ndoto mountains like ‘the back of his hand’ … I felt it was a great moment to talk about what the Milgis Trust is doing… One of the reason for this is because of a thing we call ‘siasa’… politics in English.. It even exists out here…

prickly liaison.. and clever Raven!


Almost scary!.. Hes in a rush..





As I said before the night cameras are a great addition to our lives.. There is hardly a night that goes by with out catching a porcupine or many.. They are extremely busy out there..And after this little union there will be even more!! And lately people have been seeing them out in the early evenings.. I saw one cross the Milgis Lugga at around 5 pm, it was so windy that he was actually struggling to hold himself to the ground.. His quills in the defencive position, ready for any one that dared get close, but he was being blown over! It was a wonderful sight!!

DSC00501.JPG A few days later tough ‘old’ Kosma came across a couple with a very young one, which came strait up to him!.. The two big ones chased him off.. Must have been a classic scene, a warrior being chased by a porcupine!!

Raven / Mongoose show! .. Each morning at Elkanto our home on the hill, we have a friendly Raven who’s always got alot to say.. He stands up on the roof talking away there to himself for hours… Several times we arrive to find the lock and lock container opened, with nothing in it, but a few crumbs, but never realised it was our friend, who was so innocently talking to himself on the next door roof!.. Until the other day I saw a scuffle between this Raven and a slender mongoose that had climbed on to the roof.. The Raven was after the mongoose, seeing him off viciously.. The mongoose persevered, and kept on climbing back up, only to be swept off the roof each time.. After several times and while the mongoose was down the Raven rushed to his larder, where he had stashed his biscuits and took off with one.. The mongoose raced back up the pole, scratched under the makuti ( palm leaf roof) and out came a stash of bicies, rolling down the roof!!! Too funny! Sadly I did not get a picture but will try, with the night camera..

Finally …. CAT AND MOUSE!! DSC00931.JPG

What a wonderful show of GRATITUDE!

YES .. and this THANKS is to VOSS FOUNDATION… from every one who lives at Ndonyo Nasipa!!..

This below is a very special occasion for the Samburu people..


100s and 100s of Samburu women, dressed in FULL celebration gear, came from far and wide to witness this special day.. This is Kara , from VOSS FOUNDATION who came all the way from America to turn on the tap, to the sounds of the beautiful voices of the women .. The music all day was absolutely fabulous…



One of the NN women filling up her jerry can…


To open the water project we walked with 8 women from Norway and America, from the Milgis, for 2 days with camels carrying our camp, who came to witness this special day with the Samburu people of Ndonyo Nasipa…


On the opening day end of January 2011, we met the elders at the well on the edge of the Laana Nikan lugga(Seiya).. The celebrations started with a special blessing to ‘Ngai’, as one elder poured milk around the well, and Solar panels


Then the pump was switched on, by one of our visitors… All the system needs is SUN!.. and there will be water in Ndonyo Nasipa!..


We then followed the pipeline up the hill to the Center.. From all around you could see beautiful colours and song in the air, from people coming to the celebrations!

Ndoinyo Nasipa 028.jpgNdoinyo Nasipa 041.jpg

At the top of the hill we were met, by the chief, councillor, and many Elders, who accompanied us down to where some women were waiting for us, to officially ‘TURN ON THE WATER’… … From here we were led down to the school, in song and dance.. Each group of women dressed differently.. Women came from all round, Sware to show more appreciation of their own water, from Lorok Onyok, Ilgwe Eldome, and several other groups.. Each one had their special message to pass over..


The Kitchen was busy as well… four goats were slaughtered.. Many cups of tea were drunk!


The school children.. Well they were just extraordinary!.. Fabulous singing, and Dancing, old traditional songs through to modern day school songs…



Gifts of appreciation were given to the women from Norway and America. and personal messages passed.. We all left there in awe, we were speechless to say the least..

Below is a few photos of the challenges of implementing the project, the trench digging, laying the pipes, the Solar panels all welded into a thief proof frames, transporting tanks, and covering the pipe!.. there is more information, in my recent blog ‘Milgis’ projects gaining momentum.. First WATER! ,

Ndoinyo Nasipa 051.jpgNdoinyo Nasipa 070.jpgNdoinyo Nasipa 083.jpgNdoinyo Nasipa 103.jpgNdoinyo Nasipa 166.jpgNdoinyo Nasipa 200.jpg

IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO YOU ALL.. VOSS foundation will be having an Auction for Milgis Trust projects, may the 22nd 2011..’ Just around the corner’, art Auction will be supporting the next water project, in Ngiroyia and many other Milgis projects..

How on earth do the Elephants know its going to rain??

The Milgis is usually a windy place, every one knows that, but in the last couple of months we have experienced some unbelievably strong winds! … blowing up fantastic sand storms, which makes living here interesting… This is probably why not too many people live here!! But this gives the wild animals the space they need … Its really wild here…

october 2010 061.jpg

These pictures were taken down at a place Leamu, down on the Milgis Lugga, right in between the Matthews, and Ndoto Mountains.. The wind from the Kaisut desert is funnelled into quite a narrow pass… Its dramatic!!..

october 2010 067.jpg

Down below Elkanto a few days later the Elephants are gathering…

october 2010 177.jpg

These pictures are not great, because they are taken very late in the evening through my binoculars!, but they give you a good idea that these Elephants are going somewhere, and they have a mission!!

october 2010 181.jpg

At least 40 Elephants came strait out of the Seiya/Barsoloi Luggas junction, and did not go back into the bush, like they normally do, but headed into the Milgis Lugga …… They know where they are going!

october 2010 187.jpg

When we see the Elephants gather below Elkanto and set off with a mission, heading east we can expect rain with in 24-48 hours… How on earth do they know?!? It happens every time, and its not because they can see clouds gathering, or the winds change or what ever as its always when you least expect it to happen… Us humans have looked at the sky, looked at the weather forecast, but really we should have a way of asking our giant four legged friends!.. because they certainly know..

This is what happened 36 hours later!!
october 2010 272.jpg

october 2010 273.jpg

october 2010 275.jpg

And the next morning there is water flowing down the lugga!!= HAPPY ELEPHANTS!!!..

october 2010 281.jpg

The Elephants really like the food on the Lower Milgis, but water is a problem, so they need to have the assurance that the Lugga will flow before they head east…

So the news from the north is the rains have started, although not very good yet! Next blog will be news of Aarge!

A chilling find… Lucky we were on our toes!!

spear dripping with Ely blood.jpg Finding this broken spear covered in Elephants Blood sent a chill through every person present spine…

Unfortunately I did not take the photo well, but you can see the ting of red right up the spear to where the man is holding it… It went in deep… thats what we do know.. But where was the owner of the spear, where was the wounded Elephant…

We were walking across the south east side of the Ndotos, on safari.. 25 January 2010… It had been a long day, we were all tired, and ready to get to camp, when suddenly I saw our leader pick up and hold this spear almost dripping with blood… It had only been a hour or so before that the Elephant had managed to get rid of the spear… They say… what happens when Elephants get hit.. first they run, if they are not mortally wounded of course, with the spear in them, usually breaking the shaft, so only the spear end is in the Elephant, until relative safety, where they will pull it out… This is where we caught up with the scene… We had been hearing unusually noisy Elephants, and we saw some heading rather fast over a ridge, but nothing prepared for this find!!

Reference to my blog written on the 10/12/09… We have walked many miles in the last couple of months, across the Matthews and Ndoto mountains and am happy to say its been beautiful, peaceful, and I hope you all have started 2010 as well as I have!!… I’m exhausted, but as fit as a fiddle now having walked day in day out since then!, hardly covered the same trail twice, almost through the entire area of the Milgis Trust, spent lots of time with all the scouts, and generally ALL IS WELL… Except for this new development…

What did we do???… We called for support from as may scouts as we could catch up with, who called in at KWS ( Kenya Wildlife Service), and picked up one ranger, and rushed to the scene… Our scouts knew that a spear is like a finger print, and the owner would be known very soon… Every one knows every one else’s spear!!… Incredible… by 4 am 38 hours later they found the culprit, red handed, as he had the other half of the spear with him!… At this stage we are not alot further down the road to find who is buying Ivory, as sadly we have lost another Elephant down in the lower Milgis to the same fate… But what I know is KWS have done a major awareness campaign, together with the scouts… Elephant poaching is NOT ON… They have combed the area for any sign of the wounded Elephant, with no luck… We can only hope that it is ok…

What we have felt from this experience is that we have full support from the communities throughout the area, which is incredible… Our scouts will continue to be extremely vigilant… And KWS are ready to support us at any time they are needed…

YES, A Striped Hyena does make a noise like a camel in distress!!

When I first started bloging a year and a half ago, I asked this question….. does a striped hyena, make a noise like a camel in distress? but never got an answer!? Not much known about these beautiful/extraordinary animals? or maybe my blog is not reaching out to the right people?. Is what I have been asking my self!.. But Last night, we watched in absolute dismay as two male Striped hyena fought to the death, completely silent the fight was, all we saw to start with was dust, and two animals battling it out, the loser which was much bigger, kept on trying to run away, but the winner just kept coming, and he had one intention… To kill his rival, which he did savagely, with no distractions , in the end he had him on his back, and he was shaking him like a rag doll… We were utterly amazed at the silence of the fight, not a sound from both sides… The triumphant one left the other for dead, or almost, he lay there, but he wasn’t there in the morning… took off back in the direction that the fight had started, about a kilometre away..

Soon after this extraordinary noise, the same one that we have heard twice before, absolutely like a camel in trouble, rang across the country side… We rushed back to check it out unfortunately we had a weak torch, so could not see too much, and we thought that the fight was continuing, but we realised it was very different behaviour, and it seemed that the female, if it was indeed a female! was putting up quite a fight as well!… But all most like fisti-cuffs, not serious stuff… They then disappeared out of site and sound… We heard nothing more…

floods glorious floods!! From Dust to mud!!

Its an extraordinary phenomena.. the transition from drought to floods, soon after I wrote my last blog about the clouds disappearing into thin air!!, they were busy building up out there in the desert!, it poured again with rain in the Karisias, Matthews, and Ndoto Mountains, and every where between, and the massive kilometre wide Luggas, have been roaring with flooded waters, doing their jobs correctly, in draining the area… Its incredible to see the transition, when they are dry they are huge ‘roads’, all day every day there are people, cows, camels goats, elephants, baboons, guinea fowl, etc etc using the huge sandy river bed to walk on, now these huge sandy highways have turned into roaring, raging, dangerous flood water, we all know how dangerous that can be!!.. But every one here knows that one keeps well away from them… If you happen to be on the other side of one of these luggas visiting a friend, when the rain starts, well you’ll have to ‘over stay’ your welcome now as you have no other choice!.. You won’t have to worry about your family at home, as the neighbour will surely be checking out on them.. Thats how the Samburu are! The two pictures below were taken in the same spot, different angle … From highway to flooded river!

Lugga Highway! lugga highway.jpg

lugga flooded.JPG Lugga flooded!

I am not up at the Milgis at the moment, but on the radio this morning I asked how things were going!.. I was told … shhhhh don’t even talk… We are ALL so happy, we are all so relieved, We are all silent… SPEECHLESS, just sitting back watching the rain, the water, THE ‘LIFE’ COMING BACK TO THIS BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY!!… What a lovely way to put it!…